Vegan Fourth of July Treats

July is here, and you know what that means! Red-white-and-blue foods galore. What you may not realize is that most of these picture-perfect 4th of July treats are incredibly easy to veganize!

Here is a fun and festive treat idea brought to you in collaboration with Toni Okamoto from Vegan Outreach, and all you need is fresh strawberries, blue sprinkles, and vegan white chocolate chips.

Click here to watch on YouTube. 

Now, for a long time I assumed that there was no convenient, accessible vegan white chocolate option. But during my trip to Israel I discovered this King David Gourmet brand and fell in love. I shoved as many packages as I could in my overstuffed suitcase assuming they would be near-impossible to find in the United States. But much to my excitement, when I returned home I found that I could order them online (and a few shops in my area carry them too)!

But if you can’t find white chocolate in time for this weekend’s celebrations, here’s another similar idea using strawberries, vegan cheesecake filling (or whipped cream), and blueberries:

Click here to watch on YouTube. 

I hope these party-friendly recipes provide some inspiration for your 4th of July celebrations! Cheers :)

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