Draw My Life: Animal Video Series

Over the past year I have worked with vegan artist Sooyeon Jang to produce several “Draw My Life” videos from the perspective of farmed animals. These illustrated videos depict what animals endure on today’s factory farms—what chickens, pigs, and dogs used for food experience from the time they were born until they are served on a plate.

Unlike undercover factory farm footage, these “Draw My Life” stories are told without the gory real-life footage that causes so many to turn away or hit the pause button. The hand-drawn nature of these videos enables people to really absorb the full story of what happens to farmed animals, and we’ve already heard from countless people who were impacted by them. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch them yourself!

A Chicken’s Life

A Pig’s Life

The Life of a Dog in South Korea

If you find these videos impactful, please share them! And stay tuned for more at the World of Vegan YouTube channel as we plan to add to this series of Draw My Life videos in the near future.

♥ Michelle

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