Healthy Frozen Vegan Meals ★ Veestro!

I love food. I love to cook, eat out and even go grocery shopping. But the moment my body turns from satiated to hungry, it’s like a switch goes off, and my brain is dominated by the distracting, impatient urge to get food–any food–in my belly. Immediately. At times like these, I often find myself reaching for the quick-fix meals. Tofurky frozen pizza. A bowl of cereal. Ramen freaking noodles (yup, the Oriental flavor is vegan). Quick, they are. But healthy, they are not.

This is where Veestro comes in! A vegan meal delivery service that will drop a package right at your doorstep filled with healthy frozen meals like croquettes, gluten-free penne pesto, quinoa soup and even marbled cheesecake. Did I mention it’s vegan? And deeeelish?

Allright, enough babbling…and on to my video review (below). Bon Appetit!

Click here to watch on YouTube. 

P.S. The kind folks at Veestro are offering a special discount code to Vegan Breakers! Get 15 percent off your first order using the coupon code: VFBREAK.

Until next time…over and out!

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