Beans of Change

Coffee beans, that is! When is the last time you walked into a cafe and could eat or drink everything they had on the menu and displayed in the pastry case? For all compassionate eaters, the answer to that question used to be a disheartened: “before I went vegan.” Well, times are changing, my friends! An all-vegan cafe recently opened shop in Oakland, California: Timeless Coffee. Check it out:

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Veganism is becoming more exciting and enticing with each new vegan food shop that opens it’s doors. I want to emphasize the importance of supporting these establishments. Jumping into the restaurant industry is rough, and many eateries close down not long after opening. So please, whether you only have one restaurant with good vegan options, or your town is speckled with vegan-only hotspots, visit your favorite eateries as often as you can. Leave a nice tip. Write a glowing Yelp review. “Like” them on Facebook. Post a photo to Instagram. Talk them up to your friends. Become their biggest fan.


I like to think of eating out as a delicious donation. I’m voting with my dollars, supporting places that represent the kind of world I want to live in. The more prevalent vegan food and vegan restaurants become, the easier it will be for the rest of the world to embrace veganism.

The vegan scene is exploding in the Bay Area because of the passion and die-hard support of vegans in the community. As soon as a new vegan shop like Timeless Coffee opens up, the buzz spreads on social media, through the blogosphere, amongst friends and groups, and on the street. Is it any surprise that the place is packed? Because of this, the thought of opening more vegan shops becomes appealing to entrepreneurs–they know they’ll have immediate support and free marketing from the vegan community!

If you ever make it out to Oakland, let me know! I’d love to meet up at Timeless…we can brainstorm how to bring similarly amazing options to your hometown!


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