Special Thanksgiving Episode: A Toast to the Turkeys

In this episode I’m taking you to Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary‘s first annual Toast to the Turkey’s event to honor the rescued turkeys of Harvest Home. Harvest Home is a safe place for abused, abandoned or injured domestic and farm animals. Killing beautiful birds for a meal betrays the life-affirming spirit of Thanksgiving, so Harvest Home is starting a new tradition of meeting turkeys instead of eating them!

Please consider having a compassionate meatless Thanksgiving this year! There are many great alternatives out there such as “Tofurky” or creating a new, more beautiful centerpiece dish like a hollowed pumpkin or squash filled with a rice pilaf. My family has begun a new tradition of “adopting” a turkey from Farm Sanctuary (by making a sponsorship donation) and placing the adoption certificate with their photo in the center of the Thanksgiving table.

To learn more about how turkeys are raised in the US, watch Farm Sanctuary’s new Thanksgiving’s Toll on Turkeys video.

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