Project Raw ★ Raw Grocery Haul for Vegan MoFo

This September during Vegan MoFo (Month of Food) I embarked on a 5-day raw challenge. This was definitely the most difficult challenge yet. I cut out all cooked, pasteurized and highly processed foods, and replaced them with fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.

In this video I show you my raw grocery haul, and some of the delicious finds I picked up to help get me through the week. Enjoy!

Click here to watch on YouTube. 

I must give a giant shout out to two of my favorite raw video bloggers who I turned to for inspiration and motivation when the smell of fresh pizza nearly made me cave: FullyRaw Kristina and Megan Elizabeth from “East to be Raw.” They inspired this challenge in the first place! Thanks ladies!

I had hoped to post more videos throughout the raw challenge, but things got crazy busy. BUT, here are some photos of food I devoured!


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