One Man’s Way: A Peter Singer Documentary About Henry Spira

I am excited to announce that One Man’s Way, a 1996 documentary where Peter Singer documents the efforts and philosophies of animal rights activist Henry Spira, is finally available for all to watch on youtube! Henry Spira is often remembered as the most effective animal activist of the 20th century, and is most notably known for his tireless efforts to expose the the cruel animal experimentation that goes on behind doors, especially in the cosmetic industry. Peter Singer is a philosopher and bioethics professor at Princeton, and is the author of the 1975 book Animal Liberation (just one of the many books he authored), which is what led me to go vegan nearly five years ago. As Erik Marcus said in his review of the film, “No serious animal advocate can afford to miss this film. Please set aside an hour this weekend to watch this film—it will very likely dramatically increase your effectiveness as an animal advocate.”

This video was released by Peter Singer under the Creative Commons License. Special thanks to Erik Marcus from for connecting me with this video!

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