Natures Express: Healthy Vegan Fast Food

Whether you’ve missed being able to grab a burger at a fast food joint, or you feel like you’ve been eating too much vegan junk food, Nature’s Express restaurant is the perfect fusion solution! Nature’s Express is a healthy and vegan version of a fast-food restaurant with a variety of burgers made not from fatty flesh, but from nutritious grains, nuts, legumes and greens.  A peek at their menu reveals the colorful range of items from create-your-own burgers to fruit and veggie smoothies and juices – all inspired by founder and retired cardiologist Dr. Carl Myers’ desire to make healthy food familiar and accessible to the general public. If you’re ever in Berkeley, CA or Yuma, Arizona, be sure to stop by Natures Express!

Still not convinced? Check out this music video about Natures Express by Song A Day man Jonathan Mann.

*Note: Anyone interested in the Berkeley Vegan Earth Day event mentioned in the video can check it out here!

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