Natural Products Expo: Top Vegan Finds!

I just got back from a jam-packed weekend cruising hundreds of aisles at the Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest natural product industry trade show. This event featured thousands of companies exhibiting their latest and greatest products, and drew more than 60,000 individuals from the natural products industry and press.

One thing was crystal clear. The explosion of vegan products was one of the biggest trends of the show. There were new vegan meats, cheeses, milks, chocolates, energy bars, protein powders, and more. Every company knew how to answer “are your products vegan?” (which was usually a point of confusion in the past), and almost every company wanted to be able to tout that vegan label. It was all very exciting to see and provided evidence of how fast times are changing.

But the best part of expo was meeting the people behind the companies—the founders, product developers, and marketers—as well as the other vegan content creators that do great work bringing to light the latest in the vegan world.

I put together two videos recapping Expo West to give you a peek inside. The first is a recap of the most exciting products I found at expo. The second is a fun video that shows many of the vegan bloggers, content creators, and business owners that you may recognize. Take a look!

The Best of Vegan at Expo West:

Vegans Swarm Expo West:

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