Herbivore: The Earthly Grill

This episode gives you a peek inside the Bay Area vegan eatery Herbivore: The Earthly Grill.  Herbivore has three locations in California–one in Berkeley and two in San Francisco. Their menu has huge variety, with everything from sandwiches, salads, and noodles, to thai food, mexican food, curry, falafels and more.  They have a great breakfast menu so you can get your fix of tofu scramble, as well as fresh green juices, frothy shakes, vegan ice cream, and so much more. They even have a separate gluten-free menu!

With all this variety, it can be hit-or-miss, especially with the ethnic dishes. But that certainly doesn’t mean you should skip this veggie hotspot! When it’s a hit, it’s a big hit. And if you know what to order, it will be a hit every time. I will always recommend the Soy Chicken Schwarma, which you’ll see featured in the video.

If you make it to Herbivore (or have been there before), I’d love to hear what your favorite dish is! You can leave it in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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