Food Is Power

Food Empowerment Project is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that focuses on food justice and fusing various social justice issues. We tend to look at issues individually, and sometimes act on behalf of one cause at the detriment of another. An example? Purchasing vegan chocolate that was made using child slave labor. Counterproductive, right?

Well, Food Empowerment Project is launching a new initiative that I urge you to be a part of. It’s called Food Chain, and is a 12-issue monthly publication for brand-new vegans. The goal? To help new vegans stay vegan by providing information, guidance and support.

An Indiegogo campaign was just launched through which Food Empowerment Project is trying to raise $5,000 to kickstart this effort with an initial batch of 500 sets of the publication.

Check out the video I filmed with lauren Ornelas for the campaign, and please give what you can to support it!

Click here to watch on YouTube.

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