Food Empowerment Project: Vegan Food Justice

In this episode of Vegan Break I interview Lauren Ornelas, founder and director of Food Empowerment Project. Lauren sheds light on several of the food justice issues that plague our society such as worker treatment and access to healthy food in low income communities. She discusses how we can make a difference through our food choices and by demanding that companies like Clif bar be transparent about where they source their ingredients.

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I met Lauren four years ago when she was giving a talk in D.C., and it was the first time I had considered many of the forms of injustice that vegans might still be supporting with our food choices. I was very moved by the subject matter of her talk, as well as Lauren’s passionate and charismatic demeanor. Lauren puts her heart and soul into Food Empowerment Project, and has done an incredible amount research about these issues so that we don’t have to. Lauren is dedicated to making it easy for people like me to put my dollars where my heart is by creating lists of companies that have confirmed that their ingredients are sustainable and did not involve human slavery, ill treated workers, or other forms of injustice.

The most powerful voting tool we have in this world is our dollars. Every time we purchase something, we cast a vote for everything that went into the product and a vote for the company that created it and everything they stand for. Choose carefully. Do research. Demand justice.

Learn more about these issues at!

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