Finding Sanctuary

Sanctuary noun 1. A place of refuge.  2. A shelter from danger or hardship.

Finding sanctuary is not something most Americans think about regularly–the lucky ones of us don’t need to at all. Some of us have found it already, and some are still searching. But for the majority of animals on this earth, farm animals, the idea of sanctuary–a place of shelter, protection, and safety, is but a distant dream.

Farm Sanctuaries are some of the most beautiful places in the world. They rescue animals who lived lives as machines in factories, and were in line to die as products being manufactured. Sanctuaries open their doors to animals who have lived through a more horrific hell than any one of us could begin to imagine, and provide them with peace and freedom from the incessant suffering and pain, both mental and physical, that had plagued their prior lives. Farm Sanctuaries are a glimmer of hope in an ice cold world.

I had the opportunity to visit Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY this summer for their annual Hoe Down event, and the animals I met there touched my heart in a way I never knew any creature could. It was my second time interacting with cows, and every time I nearly lose my breath at their patient, gentle characters. I took lots of videos and photos at the sanctuary so I could share a bit of the most peaceful place on earth with you.

And to think, most farm animals don’t even have enough room to turn around.

Please remember these animals when you sit down to eat, and know that by choosing foods that do not include animals or animal products you are relieving tremendous amounts of suffering.

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