About Me

Hi, friends! My name is Michelle Taylor Cehn, and I’m a somewhat recent graduate from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. I moved back to Oakland, California, where I live with my dog Chance, bunny Pancakes, and boyfriend Dan.

The story of my vegetarianism reaches back to when I was eight years old and made the connection between the meat on my plate and the flesh of animals. I used to think meat was just named after animals, and was horrified when I learned otherwise.

As a lifelong animal lover, I immediately switched to a vegetarian diet. Yet up until I went to college, I never met another vegetarian. Nor was I at all familiar with veganism; I had no idea why a person would choose to avoid milk products and eggs.

I became vegan much more recently, after reading Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation (which I happened upon at a used bookstore, unaware of its significance in the animal rights movement and the profound effect it would have on me as an individual). As I learned about the realities of the egg and dairy industries, my transition to veganism was simultaneously inspired by Mercy For Animals speakers and free vegan dinners which I attended monthly. I embedded myself in a community of compassionate eaters, which made the transition to veganism easy and fun.

Becoming vegan opened up a whole new world of foods I never paid attention to before. My diet has transformed to the most healthful, varied and delicious diet I’ve ever eaten. Foods I once cringed at (tofu, soymilk, tomatoes and kale to name a few) I now love. Now that I’m back in the Bay Area living at home with a real kitchen, I’m having fun experimenting with vegan cooking and baking, and exploring the local veggie cuisine. I’m so excited to start sharing what I learn with you!