21 Day Healthy Eating Challenge!

21 days. Nutritious whole foods. No processed foods and no whites (sugar and flour). And of course, no meat or dairy! Can you do it? Let’s find out! Join me on this 21 day vegan healthy eating challenge where you can cleanse and refresh your body. Below you’ll find my videos, updates, inspiration, recipes, and more to keep you motivated.

Comment below if you’re planning to join in! And be sure to follow along on the Vegan Break Facebook page for updates. Now… let’s DO this!

Video 1 (Intro)

Video 2 (Grocery shopping)

Video 3. What’s in my grocery bag?

Video 4: Breaking habits

Day 5: Books and resources

Day 7: It’s OK to slip up

Day 10: Home-made cashew nut milk recipe

Video: Farmers Markets

Video: Top 3 Tips

Video : Day 18

Video: Exercise & Fitness

Video: The End (Day 21)

PS. Are you on Twitter? If so, join the conversation using the hashtag #Healthy21 at the end of your tweets.

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