10 Billion Lives Tour

In this episode of Vegan Break, guest host Tushar Mehta interviews Jeni Haines from Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) about their newly launched 10 Billion Lives Tour.

This innovative campaign involves touring around the country with FARM’s custom-designed van equipped with several TV screens and offering to pay passerby’s $1 to view a 4-minute video.  The video reveals the horrific treatment of animals on factory farms, and after watching it, over 80 percent of viewers pledge to reduce their meat intake.

Take a peek inside FARM’s pay-per-view van and hear firsthand from Jeni about  her experience taking it on tour through 30 states and reaching tens of thousands of individuals in just a few months.

To get involved or see when the van is coming to your town, visit 10BillionTour.org. You can also get active today simply by sharing their new video at 10BillionLives.com!

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